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Who am I

My name is Mitchell Lawrence, a freelance Graphic Designer that resides in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, South Wales.

Idea behind ML-Designs Logo is that with the two L's with one reflected and in the type face of Georgia, it created the negative space of the M for the first initial. Thus with this style the the L's also create a house styled design. Showing that designs with ML-Designs are a  safe and reliable place to get your work from.

I enjoy everything that encompasses graphic design as I enjoy the creative freedom you can develop with many different elements in the creation of the finalised project. Thus at this time I mostly known for Logo Design, Brand Design and Website designs, I am also on constant development of my skills in the design world such as learning UI/UX Design and SEO, Social Media management.


Brand Identity

From designing a single logomark to a full branding system. 
Sometimes just having a newly designed logo for your business may not be the answer. I feel that refining and updating your existing logo in a match with your brand identities will increase effectiveness without losing your own business identity. Thus if you are a new business, designing a new logo and branding system is something I am very capable of.

Web Design

From showing low-fidelity wire-framing and prototyping designs in Adobe XD I can show how your website goes from a simple wire-frame to a functional website.
Thus I am not a coder and use external websites to finalise the designs, such as Wix or GoDaddy to develop your website designs as I have done with DustonCare and RealCarePathways businesses.


Print base designs such as business cards, leaflets and flyers for example I have also designed for clients. I am able to design and make products print-ready in a quick and efficient manner.


User Experience & User Design is important to any business looking to make sure that their product is easy and appealing to its customers. From using detailed brand guidelines and detailed briefs I am able to work with business to design low-fidelity to high fidelity prototype designs through Adobe XD, to design websites to applications, ready to send tho your front end developers.


United Kingdom

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Call Mitchell Lawrence +447889198105

Tweet @designsmitchell


Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

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